Are sheep too hard and time consuming?

Are you struggling to find a balance between work and managing a lifestyle block? Do you want an animal that is not only lower maintenance, but looks good in the paddock too?

Dorper Sheep are ideal for people looking to have animals on their lifestyle block, that can be managed with less handling and stress.

Dorper Sheep - perfect for the lifestyle farmerDorper sheep in paddock

  • Each Dorper sheep has its own individual personality. They are friendly by nature so are easier to handle.
  • They are non-selective grazers, making them good converters of poor grasses. They will still produce and keep their weight even in dry conditions.
  • They are excellent breeders and mothers, having the ability to produce 3 sets of lambs in 2 years.
  • They have a high resistance to fly-strike and internal parasites.
  • They do not need shearing as their fleece is self-shedding. This reduces your need for crutching, fly control and drenching.

Tailoring to your individual needs

Do you want quality Dorper sheep to start breeding yourself? Or perhaps you are after a lamb that will grow into a loving family pet? Whatever your needs are – Gracelands can offer the best advice on the most suited Dorper sheep for you.
Christine is a registered breeder of the New Zealand Dorper Sheep Society.

Contact Christine to find out the current availability of lambs.

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