Miniature and White Galloway Cattle

Are cattle a realistic option for lifestylers?

White Galloway and calf

The answer depends on the cattle you choose. Gracelands breeds and rears cattle that are suited to the needs of the lifestyle farmer.

White Galloway Cattle

If you are looking for cattle that are long-living, easy to manage and disease-resistant - then White Galloway are ideal.


  • Recognised for their panda-like appearance, the White Galloway has a double coat of silvery white hair. This makes them resistant to all New Zealand climates and weather
  • Good meat animal - decent size
  • Produces top quality beef and carcass, even in poor pasture conditions
  • They are very fertile and are good mothers - calving is easier
  • Disease resistant
  • Easy to manage - lovely natures
  • Long living
  • Rare breed - recognised by the New Zealand Rare Breeds Society
White Galloway were first registered with the New Zealand Galloway Society in 1994.

Miniature Cattle

Image of cattle in paddock

Are you looking for cattle – but are concerned about the impact they may have on your lifestyle block?

Do you want cattle that have a friendly nature and are easier to keep on smaller blocks?

Miniature cattle grow to approximately only a metre high. They have all the great qualities of conventional sized cattle, but with much less of an impact on your farm.

Benefits of owning Miniature Cattle

Due to their small size and compared to conventional sized cattle they:

• Are easier to graze - they are good converters of food to body weight.
• Are less intimidating for families with children
• Are easier to handle
• Have a certain ‘cute’ appeal due to their miniature stance
• Are easier to fence in and maintain
• Cheaper to buy

Christine is a member of the New Zealand Rare Breeds Society and the New Zealand Galloway Society.

Contact Christine to find out about the availability of White Galloway and Miniature Cattle calves.

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