Are you new to farming and livestock care? Christine can provide advice from her experience in livestock care. For the more experienced farmer or breeder you will find that Christine is able to provide animals for you as well.

Is my lifestyle block suitable for Dorper Sheep?

  • Size - Approximately 4-6 Dorper ewes can be carried per acre. However, this can vary slightly depending on your pasture quality and whether you are carrying cattle also
  • Water – A good supply of clean drinking water is essential
  • Fencing – A stock-proof fence is vital to ensure the safety of your sheep
  • Shelter – During both cold and hot climates it is important that you have sufficient shelter e.g. trees, shed
  • Care and Maintenance – like all sheep, Dorper sheep still require basic husbandry

Gracelands Approach

Dorper Sheep in paddock

Christine’s top priority is to ensure that you are happy with your livestock purchase. She will work with you to make certain that the animals you get are a good match for your particular needs.

Supplying healthy livestock is important to Gracelands. Christine provides after sales service and advice to ensure you are happy with your animals.


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